How to choose the perfect coffee?

Whether you want to give a kick start to your day or you want to wipe out your tiredness of the day, or maybe you just want to have a me-time or a nice time with your partner and family. No matter what the occasion is, a rich and soothing cup of coffee is always there to cherish you. People from all over the world are so in love with coffee that they don’t want to compromise it at any cost. But, do you know anything about coffee? Let’s check out all those questions about coffee that people usually have.

How to choose the perfect Coffee?

People often end up choosing the wrong coffee for themselves. If you are also confused and calling out to the sky ” how can I choose a perfect cup for myself?”, then it is for you. Coffee has some parameters, so, You have to know about those things before choosing coffee. Let’s check out the points written below to choose the perfect coffee that suits your taste.

1. Type of coffee – Robusta or Arabica

There are two types of coffee, one is Robusta and another one is Arabica. Now, how can you choose the coffee you like? If I describe you in short, taste-wise, the only difference between Robusta and Arabica is that Robusta is more bitter than Arabica as it has a lower acidity level. On the other hand, Arabica has a tender, soothing and sweeter taste with the flavour of chocolate. If you want to sip strong and rich coffee, Robusta is the better option for you. If you want to sip smooth, favoured, and delicate coffee, you can go for Arabica. So, what kind of coffee person you are? Robusta or Arabica?

2. Type of roast – Light, medium, or dark?

People often get confused about the roasts and can not understand what would be perfect for them. What do you mean by coffee roasts and how does this matter while buying coffee? let’s check out.

Coffee beans

Light roast

Lightly roasted coffee beans have almost all of their original characteristics. It is light brown. It has the highest amount of caffeine and acidity. It carries more delicate flavours than medium roasted beans and dark roasted beans. Usually, coffee lovers love to have lightly roasted coffee as it carries the actual flavour, texture, and aroma more than others along with an aesthetic taste.

Medium Roast

With a darker brown shade, it has more balanced flavours that make it special for coffee lovers. Not only the flavour but it also has balanced acidity and aroma. If you are a mocha or latte lover, or just wanna have your coffee with milk and sugar, it will be the perfect choice for you.

Dark Roast

If you love the smokey and bitter flavour in your coffee, dark roast coffee is for you. This coffee brings the energy you lack to boost yourself. Though it does contain a lesser amount of caffeine, it is loved by many strong coffee lovers with a roasting flavour. The only thing is that, because of long term roasting in high temperatures, it does not have the actual flavour of coffee as much as light or medium roasted beans. If you are looking for a bold cup of coffee, it is ideal for you.

So, what is your coffee roast?

3. Brewing methods

So now, the next stage, the coffee brewing method. How many types of coffee brews are there? Many people don’t pay much attention to the brewing methods but the reality is that this thing matters when you want to sip the perfect coffee. You can brew the coffee in different methods like boiling it ( decoction), with gravitational feed that is used with drip brewing (filter) or pressurised percolation. In this article, we are going to discuss the 9 brewing methods that are famous around the world.

1. Espresso Machine

If you want a fast and strong brewed coffee, this is the machine for you. It will give you a perfect morning kick with a strong brewed coffee. If you are looking to purchase an espresso machine for a long time, you can click here to buy one now..

2. Moka pot

If you don’t have enough money to purchase an espresso machine, or you are lacking space in your kitchen but you are not able to eliminate the craving for having perfect coffee in the home, Moka pot is your option. Though like many people, it is not good as a cup of coffee made by an espresso machine but not bad either. You just have to be careful about over and under extraction. Click here to buy one now.

3. Aero press

According to some people, it brewed the best coffee they have ever tasted.  You just have to take care of the air pressure, water temperature and the coffee to have a perfect outcome. It doesn’t have that many cons so I can mention it. We think coffee lovers should have an Aero press. Click here to buy one now.

4. Steeping

It is a traditional way to brew coffee and is also considered the healthiest way. It doesn’t mean it is easy as if you oversteep, the outcome will be bitter as hell and if the opposite happens, the outcome will be weak as slightly muddy water.

5. French Press

It is the most traditional coffee brewing machine. It is not only easy to use but also brews the perfect coffee. Trust me, coffee lovers, you need a French press badly for your morning coffee. You just have to care about steeping. Try to follow the guidelines for starting. Once you learn it, you will admit that it is one of the best methods to brew coffee. Click here to buy one now.

6. Coffee bags

Nothing can be more popular to brew coffee than coffee bags. You can see those in most of the coffee shops also. Let me tell you, if you are judging any coffee based on the outcome of this brewing method, it will be your mistake. After having it for 2 or 3 days repeatedly, maybe you will start hating coffee. Yes, they are cheap and portable, but not worthy at all. You just have to put one of these bags in hot water and it is ready, that’s the main problem which makes you forget the flavour of fresh coffee beans. According to me, coffee bags are the worst brewing method.

7. Hario V60

It is one of the best ways to brew coffee, super fast and super easy. It delivers quality outcomes and is easy to clean also. If you want a refreshing cup of coffee full of flavours, it is your option. Click here to have one now.

8. Dripping

Ever imagined how people brew coffee when there were no filters and machines? Dripping is the answer. They put fresh coffee beans and water together and let it sit for some time and then collect the dripping coffee. Still, now, people of many places follow this as it gives a strong and flavoured outcome. Though it is traditional, still it is one Of the best ways to brew coffee. 

9. Cold drip

It is one of the most famous coffee brewing methods. The only con is that it is a time-consuming process. Once it is done, you can enjoy the flavourful taste of fresh coffee beans.

So, what brewing method do you like the most?

Note- Do not reheat brewed coffee as the taste starts to decrease rapidly and if you reheat it, you will have an awkward taste ( something like mud) that you are not going to love.

4. Fresh beans

Before buying coffee from a store, make sure that you are purchasing recently packaged coffees as the freshness decreases with time. Once the freshness is gone, you can not feel the real essence of it.

These were the main things you have to consider before buying coffee. If you select the perfect and fresh beans with proper roasting, you can have a perfect cup of coffee and rock the day. If you are looking for the best coffee brands in India to kickstart your day, click here.

When you know how to choose the perfect coffee, you may think about how many cups of coffee you should have per day or what are the pros and cons of having coffee. To check out everything about coffee consumption, click here.

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