Best Indian restaurants in London you must visit once

Whenever an Indian goes to a foreign country for any purpose, the first thing the person starts missing is the Indian food. The rich taste of Indian food is not only loved by Indians, but foreigners also love that. If you are in London and want to enjoy the flavor of Indian foods, here are some of the best Indian restaurants in London you must try once.


Best Indian Resturant in London
Gymkhana, London

Address – 42 Albemarle Street, London, WIS 4JH

Here you can find the authentic taste of Indian spices while being in London. It is not only a dining spot but, here you can enjoy the mouth-watering food along with some sports. The other thing that makes this restaurant even more special is the ambiance. They have set up the ambiance with the Indian royal touch. Besides dining, they have a bar service and also allow guests to book their private dining. You can also consider Gymkhana as one of the most romantic Indian restaurants in London.

Items to try – Wild muntjac biryani, Lamb shank korma, Kalongi scallops, peanut and green mango fish tikka, etc.

Contact – 020-3011-5900 (phone)

2. Bombay Palace

Indian resturants in London
Bombay Palace, London

Address – 50 Connaught St, Tyburnia, London W2 2AA.

This is one of the most famous Indian Dine-in in London. This restaurant has been serving traditional Indian food in London for over 35 years. They use the authentic methodology to serve the genuine taste of India to their guests. They have decorated the restaurant with a classic look that you will relish.

Items to try – Tandoori dishes, chicken curries, etc.

Contact – 020-7723-8855 (phone)

3. Gun powder, Spitalfields

Indian resturants in London
Gun Powder

Address – 11 White’s Row, E1 7NF, London

This restaurant offers guests homely Indian dine-in in London. This restaurant has a simple yet sober decor, but when it comes to food, they can offer a nice treat to your taste buds. They offer their customers varieties of authentic Indian food in London. Most of their food items are Indian family recipes. After getting your meal here, you may forget that you are enjoying this taste far away from India.

Items to try –  Organic Baby Chicken Chargrilled in Tandoori spice, Maa’s Kashmiri lamb chip, Chutney cheese sandwich, etc.

Contact – 020-3598-7946 ( phone)

4. Chutney Mary

Indian resturants in London
Chutney Mary

Address – 73 St James’s, London SW1A 1PH

It is one of the finest Indian restaurants in London which has been serving the people for over 30 years. Spectacular is the word that describes the ambiance of this restaurant. They also own a luxurious bar and have a huge variety of Indian foods available for customers. A dinner date in this restaurant can be memorable. They used the spices in an amazing way that will truly satisfy you. They offer 16 different Indian cuisines all made by professional chefs and they also have Indian street foods on their menu to serve people in London. 

Items to try – Tandoori grill items, Kerala Aaepey prawn chutney, Afghani Chicken Tikka, etc.

Contact – 020-3820-6238 (Phone)

5. Jamavar

Indian resturants in London

Address – 8 Mount St, London W1K 3NF

If you want to relish the taste of Indian food and also looking for a sophisticated ambiance, this is the best alternative for you. This restaurant has a menu that includes various flavors of India, especially of South and North India. This is a perfect dine-in spot to enjoy Indian food in London. This restaurant also offers Indian Street foods on its menu. 

Items to try – Old Delhi Butter Chicken, Kofta dilkhush, Tellicherry pepper,r, and garlic soft shell crab, etc.

Contact – 020-7499-1800 ( phone)

6. Tamarind Kitchen

Indian resturants in London
Tamarind Kitchen

Address – 167-169 Wardour St, London


Want to enjoy Indian Street food in London? This is the perfect spot for you as they have various Indian street foods on their menu along with Indian traditional dishes. Their food presentation will amaze you. They have a huge variety of Indian dishes. Whether you are looking for south Indian foods, street foods, or north Indian spices, they will not fail to satisfy you. In addition, the sober decor with a traditional touch and deemed light will help you to have a peaceful dine-in experience.

Items to try – Awadhi kabab, smoked spicy chicken tikka, Chargrilled Mixed platter, etc.

Contact –  020 7287 4243 (phone)

7. Trishna

Indian resturants in London
Trisha, London

Address – 15-17 Blandford St, London W1U 3DG

Trisha is the perfect combination of outstanding interior and mouth-watering Indian food in London. This restaurant offers various kinds of coastal cuisines along with fine wine. You can also consider this restaurant as one of the most romantic Indian restaurants in London. They also have street food options on their menu. You can book private dining for your loved ones here.

Items to try – Gongura Lamb, Hydrabafi sabz kofta, Kozhikode Chicken masala, Kerala prawn curry, etc.

Contact – 020 7935 5624 (phone)

8. Darjeeling Express

Indian resturants in London
Darjeeling Express, London

Address – 2a Garrick Street, WC2E 9BH, London

Craving for Bengal food in London? Darjeeling Express is your answer as this restaurant offers rich flavored Bengali and North Indian dishes. They have authentic Bengali dishes on their menu as the owner is a Bengali herself. The rich and unique Bengali flavor will force you to lick your fingers and you will want more of these flavors. In addition, the sober and classy setup will give you a picture-perfect ambiance.

Items to try – Kosha mangsho, Kaala Chana, Prawn Malaikari, Special Bengali thali with 12 dishes, etc.

Contact – 020 7836 8888  ( phone)

9. Tayyabs

Indian resturants in London
Tayyabs, London

Address – 83-89 Fieldgate St, London E1 1JU

Punjabi foods have a special place in all Indian foodie’s hearts as they have rich and creamy textures. Looking for a Punjabi restaurant in London? Tayyabs is the answer as here they serve aromatic and spicy Punjabi dishes. The contemporary decor will help you to enjoy the food even more. This restaurant has been serving Punjabi cuisine in London since 1972.

Items to try – Mixed grill, Karahi Chicken, Lamb chops, etc.

Contact –  020 7247 9543 (Phone)

10. Benares

Indian resturants in London
Benares, London

Address – 12a Berkeley Square, London W1J 6BS.

This restaurant serves Indian-British fusion cuisine and the most attractive part of this restaurant is their presentation. The stylish and classy ambiance and rich flavors helped them to gain the crown of one of the best Indian restaurants in London. In some cases, they have created a fusion of Indian spices and British textures that will blend perfectly in your mouth and give your tastebuds a burst.

Items to try – Murg Makhani roast, Kashmiri Lamb Rogan Josh, Hydrabadi style biryani, Baked Malabar Scallop, etc.

Contact – 020 7629 8886 ( Phone)

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