Sushi fishes, effects, taste, types and all you should know

Sushi. Even if you haven’t yet tasted this dish, you must be familiar with the name. It is not only Japan’s national dish, but it is one of the most famous dishes in the world. It is delicious and heavy at the same time, but many people are having a dilemma about this dish as sushi is made with raw fish. On the other hand, it is the same reason that has made sushi so special. It is not only a dish, but it is an art that is passed to generation after generation. Let’s see what you should know about this dish.

How many types of sushi are there?

Though nowadays, you can find many varieties of sushi at restaurants, there are some basic types of sushi.

1. Nigiri-zushi

This is the most common sushi type where experts put some raw fish and other toppings on a mound of sticky rice.

2. Gunkan-maki

The main base of this sushi is the same as the previous one. In addition, experts wrap it with seaweed.

3. Maki-zushi

In this form, raw fish and other ingredients take place in the middle part. Raw fish is wrapped in rice, at the first layer and seaweed at the second. When it comes to a conical shape, it is called Temaki-zushi.

4. Chirashi-zushi

It is a little bit different from the basic concept of sushi. In this one, you can enjoy raw fish which is placed on top of a bowl full of sticky rice. You can try different raw fishes with the same rice.

5. Inari-zushi

In this one, experts put vinegared rice on-site in a pouch that is made previously with fried tofu.

6. Oshi-zushi

In this form, fish and rice are pressed together in a mold.

7. Sashimi

Sashimi is only the slices of raw fishes. It is only eaten with chopsticks.


What ingredients compliment Sushi?

Though sushi has a mouth-watering taste of its own, some ingredients complement Sushi and lift the taste even more. Let’s have a look

  • Soya Sauce

 You just can take the sushi and dip it slightly into soya sauce. Almost every kind of Sushi tastes even better with this.

  • Wasabi

It is usually served with Nigiri sushi. This is a green paste that is made of the rhizome of the Wasabia Japonica plant. It lifts the taste even more and decreases the chance of food poison.

  • Shoga

It is actually a pickle that is made of ginger. Like Wasabi, it also decreases the chance of any stomach ache and lifts the taste.

These were the three main ingredients used to complement Sushi.

What are the fishes used for sushi?

People around the globe have a common question about sushi, that is, what fishes are used for sushi? As they are not easily available in every country and those fishes have some different qualities.  Tuna, Japanese amberjack, mackerel, salmon, and pufferfish are the fishes used for sushi. Pufferfish are the most dangerous among them if not used properly. On the other hand, tuna is less dangerous when it comes to eating raw fish, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need professionals for this.

What will happen if you eat bad sushi?

If you eat bad Sushi, you have to act fast or you can be in big danger. Sushi is made from raw fish and some specific parts of the fish have to be removed carefully, otherwise, it can harm you badly.

  • Tapeworm attack

Parasitic tapeworm is the worst thing that you can ever experience. These worms get attached to a person’s intestines and stomach and can cause vomiting, unbearable abdominal pain, and several other things. It can grow into your body. The largest worm that was removed was 5 feet long.

  • Stomach infection

Eating bad sushi can cause a stomach bacteria called listeria to grow. If you are pregnant, there is a chance that it can kill your child. Even if you are not, you will have to go through intolerable stomach aches and nausea.

  • Food-borne illnesses

There are some Food-borne illnesses like scombroid food poisoning and salmonella poisoning that can cause pain, exhaustion, allergic reactions, and hot flashes.

What to do if you eat bad Sushi?

After reading the previous part, you may be afraid of eating sushi further, but let me tell you if you eat sushi made by a professional master, there are 99.5% chances of not getting any of these. It is always advisable to eat Sushi from a renowned restaurant made by highly skilled professionals. Accidentally, if you eat bad sushi, you better be quick to consult a doctor and start the treatment. It will take 30 minutes to 7 hours to get the symptoms. As soon as you get them, rush to the clinic.

Tips to avoid poison from Sushi

As there is a chance of getting sick from bad sushi, you may be stressed about how you can avoid poison from sushi and how to prevent getting sick? There are some tips for you to avoid the poison from bad sushi.

  • 1. Only eat the Sushi that is made by renowned sushi experts. Don’t go to a restaurant that doesn’t have a reputation in the market. If you want to eat sushi, remember, don’t go for the cheap one.
  • 2. Refuse the more dangerous fish for your sushi like pike, yellow perch, and brook trout. Tuna is the safer option for sushi. It doesn’t mean it has no risk and you can have tuna sushi from anywhere, it just decreases the risk factor.
  • 3. Don’t, at any cost, try to make sushi at home on your own. It can’t be done without experts with years of experience.
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Frequently asked questions related to Sushi

1. What is the world’s best restaurant for sushi?

Sukiyabashi Jiro, situated in Tokyo, Japan is considered the world’s best restaurant for sushi. But, since 2020, the restaurant has stopped accepting reservations from general people. You can eat the world’s best sushi at Komuro, situated in Tokyo, Japan.

2. Can I make sushi at home ?

Simply, No. It is not advisory to even try to make sushi at home as it is a matter of risk and can be handled only by professionals who have years of experience in This.

3. What is the most preferable fish for Sushi?

Tuna is the most preferable fish for Sushi as it has a lower risk factor compared to others. But making Sushi with tuna also has several risks, so don’t try it from anywhere.

4. Is there any vegetarian or vegan Sushi?

Though many people avoid meat and fish these days, veg sushi is becoming a new trend. Veg Summer rolls, veg hand rolls are perfect examples of this.

5. Does Sushi contain 100% raw fish?

The answer is Yes. That is why Sushi has several risk factors. Experts remove the poisonous portion of the fishes and serve the sushi with raw fish.

6. Can I die by eating bad Sushi?

Though the intention is not to make you scared, if you don’t have any medicines and don’t consult the doctor as soon as you are getting symptoms, you can die.

7. Can I eat sushi with my hands?

Yes. Actually, according to Japanese culture, sushi is supposed to be eaten with your hands. When it comes to Sashimi, you should eat it with chopsticks.

8. Is Sushi expensive?

Sushi is expensive as makers have to work hard and concentrate to produce it. Most of the makers take professional training to make sushi. Besides that, it needs fresh ingredients more than other dishes. That is why Sushi is expensive.

9. What Sushi should I eat for the first time?

If it is your first time, you can try Philadelphia roll, King crab roll, or spicy tuna roll. Avoid rich fishes for the first time.

10. What fishes should I avoid in Sushi?

You should avoid pike, yellow perch, and brook trout, puffer fish in Sushi as they have a high-risk factor.

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