Miyazaki Mango: World’s costliest mango

Miyazaki Mango picture in an article about Miyazaki

Miyazaki mango is well-known among mango lovers across the globe. Are you a mango lover? So many people on earth love mango and it is their favorite fruit. Most probably this is the reason why mango is called the king of fruits. Have you ever imagined how much you have to spend if you want to taste the world’s most expensive mango and why this breed costs this much? Let’s find out.

What is the world’s most expensive mango?

Though India is known for its craving for mango and they have invented many dishes from this element, the world’s most expensive mango does not belong to this country. The world’s most expensive mango belongs to Japan and it is called Miyazaki mango. It is a special mango which is different from other breeds of this fruit.

How much does a Miyazaki mango can cost?

If you want to taste a Miyazaki mango, you should know that it is the costliest mango in the world. You have to spend approximately $3000 on a pair of Miyazaki mangoes.

What is the difference between Miyazaki mango and other mangoes?

Usually, the outer part of a mango is either green or yellow, but when it comes to Miyazaki, it is different. It is flaming red and can have a purplish texture when unripe. This mango doesn’t also have the shape like other mango breeds, rather, it looks like an egg. It is often addressed as ‘eggs of sunshine’.

What conditions are needed to grow Miyazaki mangoes?

Miyazaki mangoes grow in Miyazaki, a city of Japan from April to August. You can taste the tastiest Miyazaki mangoes in May and June. So, what are the basic conditions needed to grow this mango? We all know that mango is the fruit of summer, it is not different. It requires long summer hours to grow when they can have a long day with solar heat in warm weather. Besides that, it also requires enough rainfall to grow at the same time. To give these mangoes a different shape, farmers use a special protective net.

If we talk about Miyazaki, Japan, we can see that this city has a temperature of 25 degrees to 35 degrees during this month. It is the ideal temperature for this breed to grow. Farmers have to take special care of these trees. Though Miyazaki mangoes belong to Japan, nowadays it is also grown in India, Bangladesh, and the Philippines as well.

Miyazaki Mango picture in an article about Miyazaki
Miyazaki Mangoes

Why are Miyazaki mangoes so expensive?

Every unique thing is expensive. Miyazaki is no different. This mango weighs over 350g and has a different taste. It is way pulpier and juicier than other breeds. You can say that this will melt in your mouth if it is a properly grown one. Secondly, it is rare. Mainly, it only grows naturally in Miyazaki, Japan but some other countries also grow this fruit manually. These can’t fulfill the needs of the market.

How does a Miyazaki mango taste?

So, you want to know how the world’s most expensive mango tastes?

Miyazaki mangoes are unique, even if you talk about the taste. Tasting a Miyazaki mango is a life-changing experience. It has an elegant aroma and a creamy, pulpy texture. The flesh is sweeter and juicier than any other mango in the world.

History of Miyazaki mangoes

Miyazaki mangoes are not that old. Japanese started farming this breed in the mid-’80s. Japanese originated these mangoes from Irwin mangoes. They started farming them in Japan. Japan’s warm weather and long summer days helped these mangoes to grow. This special breed came into the limelight in the 90s.

Health Benefits of Miyazaki Mangoes

This breed of mangoes is actually healthy.

  1. This is rich in Antioxidants
  2. They are filled with Bita carotene
  3. These are a good source of folic acid
  4. They are beneficial for the eyes

Miyazaki in India

India is the country of mangoes. Most of the world’s famous and delicious mango breeds belong to India. When it comes to Miyazaki, You can also have this unique breed in India, and in this country, it will cost approx 2.70 lakhs per Kg. Though the biggest amount is still imported from Japan, India started to grow this mango a few years back.

In which recipes you can use Miyazaki mangoes?

If you want to taste it and enjoy its textures, you have to eat it without processing. If you want to make anything with this, you can make dishes that you also can make from ordinary mangoes. Using this mango breed will lift the taste.

What are the other famous breeds of the world?

Besidef Miyazaki, Alphonso, Carabao, Sindhri, Sein Ta Lone are the famous mango breeds in the world.

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