Pregnancy food cravings

food and pregnancy

Pregnancy food cravings are very common. Pregnancy is like a roller coaster ride of emotions and women feel different kinds of cravings during this time. It is important to know what ingredients should be in your kitchen during this time and what ingredients should not be there. Let’s discuss.

Pregnancy cravings: Reasons

A woman’s body changes a lot during pregnancy, especially the hormones. Increasing Progesterone is the main reason for mood swings and cravings. It can happen during any phase of pregnancy but most women feel this in the first and second trimester, especially in the second trimester. Eating healthy is very important in pregnancy. According to some specialists, women usually crave any kind of deficiency in the body as it becomes very tough to maintain proper balance in the body so that the need gets expressed in the form of craving. As an example, if your body is lacking iron or protein, you can end up having an intense craving for meat. Sometimes, women experience strange food cravings for non-food items like dirt, detergent etc. Is recommended to consult the doctor as soon as possible if you are experiencing this type of craving.

Pregnancy and food

On the other hand, it is important to find out a replacement for those cravings if they are not healthy for the life in your womb.

What foods should you eat during pregnancy?

It is important to have a balanced amount of protein, vitamins, minerals, healthy fat, carbohydrate, fibre and fluids in your daily diet. Let’s have a look at which food items are beneficial during pregnancy.

1. Dairy products

Dairy products are a good source of protein and calcium which you should intake during this time. You can drink glasses of milk or can have paneer, yoghurt etc. dairy-based food items.

Note – Many people are lactose-intolerant. It means that milk products don’t suit their bodies. In that case, don’t start having milk products before consulting a doctor.

2. Eggs

Eggs are a great source of vitamins, minerals and protein which help the baby inside the womb to grow healthy. Whether you like boiled, half-boiled, fried, omelette, scrambled egg or any other form of an egg, try to have 1 daily as it will help to develop your baby’s brain and nervous system.

Note – Avoid raw eggs as they can contain Salmonella bacteria which can lead you to disaster. You can be very sick and eventually it can harm your baby.

3. Green, leafy vegetables

Veggies are always good for health and no one can deny that. It helps to build the body’s natural immunity so that you can fight several diseases. It contains antioxidants, protein, calcium, vitamins, potassium and many other important elements that help your baby to grow healthier.

4. Lean meat

We all know that meat is a good source of protein and energy, especially beef, pork and chicken. Many people can’t eat beef and pork as these make the human body warm from the inside. Even if you can not intake beef and pork, have chicken in your diet once or twice a week. Whether you make a soup, bake it or anything else, remember to have chicken in your diet.

5. Whole grains

Whole grains are a good source of fibre and vitamins. Some whole grains like oats also have a good amount of protein. If you don’t have any allergic issues with whole grains, it is highly recommended to have them in your diet.

What food items should you avoid during pregnancy?

Some food items should not be in your kitchen during pregnancy. Let’s check out.

1. Fishes with a high mercury level

Mercury can cause serious issues for your baby as it puts an effect on your nervous and immune system. The list of high mercury fishes includes Tuna, Shark, Swordfish, Marlin etc. You can intake fish with a low mercury level such as salmon, haddock, cod, anchovies. Even Salmon has a good amount of omega 3 and fatty acid. You should just avoid high mercury fish during pregnancy.

Note– though you can have low mercury fish, you should not have raw fish undercooked as it can cause different types of infections ( viral, bacterial and parasitic). Always take care to have nicely cooked fish. You can have any recipe with nicely cooked low mercury fish.

2. Caffeine

You are not the only person who gets upset with this point but it is true. Caffeine can stop the growth of a fetus and can lead to underweight delivery. You have to avoid coffee during this time no matter how much you love your morning cup of coffee, especially cappuccino and black coffee as it contains a high amount of caffeine.

Note – If you truly love coffee and have a craving for this, you can try health drinks that have a slight taste of coffee but without any caffeine. You can also have decaf coffee but not more than 3-4 cups a week.

3. Alcohol

Avoid alcohol completely during pregnancy as a small amount of alcohol during the whole pregnancy can put a negative effect on your baby. It increases the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth. Do not intake alcohol during pregnancy.

4. Processed food

Processed foods are always advised to avoid during pregnancy, especially the food items that have Ajinomoto are considered harmful during pregnancy. It is advisable to cook the food with home-available ingredients without using an excessive amount of spices and oil.

5. Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds are one of those food items you should avoid during pregnancy. Previously, dry sesame seeds were used as an abortion-causing medicine. It is advisable to ignore this during pregnancy.

6. Papaya

Papaya is a very dangerous food during pregnancy that can cause miscarriage. Try to avoid it at any cost during pregnancy. Latex in the papaya is unhealthy for pregnancy.

7. Unpasteurised milk

Boil the raw milk before having it as it can higher the risk of listeria contamination. It is suggested to always avoid unpasteurised milk during pregnancy.

8. Sushi

No raw fish means no sushi. If you are a sushi lover you have to avoid sushi completely for 9 months. It can lead you to various kinds of infection. Sushi contains raw fish that is highly unhealthy for your baby and can harm you.

Pregnancy and Food
Pregnancy and Food

Ending words

Moreover.. It is important to intake enough water during this time. A healthy diet is a key to a successful pregnancy and healthy birth of your baby. A balanced diet that includes all the essential food elements and nutrition also helps to control the feeling of intense craving.

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