Kurtoshhh, Kolkata: Honest Review, food quality and price

Kurtoshhh, Kolkata, video

Kurtoshhh is a food shop in the newmarket area, Kolkata. Recently, we have visited the shop after knowing about this via social media. Kolkata is a city of foodie people, that’s why every unusual thing gets viral quite easily. There are food vloggers, food-related pages and other platforms where these things go viral. It is a European street food shop in Kolkata where you can get something new.

Whatever let’s come to the point.

How was Kurtoshhh?

If you are looking for a restaurant with an Instagram-friendly ambience, This is not for you as it is a shop of European street food. Though this is a street food shop, I must say their presentation is professional and can make you go wow. Not only the presentation but the quality of the food they offer was something beyond my expectations. I am a little choose about food that’s why I can say that if we liked that, you will also. There was a perfect blend of textures, flavours and presentation. This was one of the best food shops in newmarket area we have ever tried.

Items we tried

Though there were many options, we couldn’t try more than 3 as they were heavy enough as evening snacks. Let’s discuss how were the items that we tried.

Savoury Kurtosh ( Italian Chicken)

It was made with an Italian twist and was filled with cheese and flavours. I fell in love with that in the first byte, as I am a cheese lover. If you are looking for a light snack for the evening, it is a perfect option for you. This item was mouth-watering and made with perfection. There are other options also available if you want to try.

 Savoury Kurtoshhh ( Italian Chicken),Kurtosh
Savoury Kurtosh ( Italian Chicken)
Blueberry mojito

Blueberries are themselves a refreshing element. At first, we thought to have something different but then they suggested us this drink. I was not disappointed. It was refreshing and ideal for a warm day. Kolkata is hot in summer, so if you are looking for refreshment, you can have that.

Blueberry mojito, Kurtoshhh
Blueberry mojito
Oreo cookies sweet fills

Oreo is one of my favourites. So we had this as a sweet item. It was nicely presented. At first, we had the Oreos, then a layer of cream that was garnished with chocolate syrup and then there was chocolate ice cream. Personally, I didn’t like the biscuit base which was dipped in dark chocolate but my boyfriend liked that, so he had it.

Oreo cookies sweet fills, Kurtoshhh
Oreo cookies sweet fills

After having these three food items, we were full, so we couldn’t eat anymore. Though we wished to have a plate of Kartoos Kurtosh, there was no space in our belly. So, we were just watching people enjoying it.


As it is a street food shop, there is no ambience you can expect. One thing that should be mentioned is that the shop is well organized and decorated. As it is a European street food shop in Kolkata, the shop is decorated accordingly.

Road map

It is a food shop in newmarket area. The nearest metro station in Esplanade. You just have to walk for around 5 minutes to reach there. If you are looking for a bus, just take a bus to the new market.


Esplanade is the shopping central of Kolkata. You can do shopping at a cheap price and have a bite at Kurtosh. There are so many other options of food in the surrounding area. You will find hundreds of street food shops and even branded food stations like KFC, Dominos etc. Blue and beyond is a rooftop retro bar there, with great ambience. If you want a review of that, just click here.

People behind Kurtoshhh

We talked with the person who is running that Kurtosh. He said to us that he belongs to Nagaland and his helping hand also belongs from the same. They have chosen this place to open their European street food shop in Kolkata because of the daily gathering in the Newmarket area.

Pocket pinch of Kurtoshhh

Though these are European street foods, they are affordable enough. The estimated cost for two in Kurtoshhh is 300Rs-500Rs. The picture of the menu is given below.

Menu of Kurtoshhh
Menu, Kurtosh

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