Sushi restaurants in India : Best restaurants of all main cities

Best sushi restaurants in India

Sushi restaurants always have a special place in the hearts of foodie people. People across the world have a separate curiosity about Japan’s famous dish, Sushi. Especially in India, people sometimes get afraid of having a bite of it. though it is a delicious dish and tasting good sushi is a life-changing experience, you should not have a bite of this from anywhere. Bad sushi can make you sick, very sick. That’s why choosing a good and renowned restaurant is important. That’s why there is a list of the best sushi places in India where you can get the best Sushi in India without any fear. Not only in India, but I have also tried to provide you the best sushi place near you by mentioning the city. Let’s start.

Sushi restaurants in India

1. Best sushi restaurants in Kolkata.

Sushi restaurant in kolkata
Aajisai Restaurant

Are you in the city of joy and looking for the best Sushi in Kolkata? You must try Aajisai Japanese restaurant for having the best sushi in town. They have years of experience in this field and this restaurant is specialized in Japanese foods. This restaurant is famous for its excellent sushi. You can try Nigiri Moriawase, Spicy tuna roll, and Alaska roll there.

Aajisai Japanese Restaurant

Address – Quest Mall, 5th floor, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Kolkata.

Cost for two( Approx) – 2,500 Rs

Besides, this one, you can also try the fatty bao for having a bite of the best sushi in the town. It is also a Japanese restaurant that is renowned in the city for its quality sushi. They serve authentic Japanese Sushi and other dishes and the chef has years of experience in serving Sushi. You can try spicy salmon and cream cheese sushi rolls or uramaki sushi rolls there.

The fatty bao
Sushi restaurant in kolkata
Fatty Bao Restaurant

Address – 6 Camac Street, Front Knox, Kolkata.

Cost per two ( Approx) – 2,000 Rs

Though there are many more Japanese restaurants in Kolkata, Aajisai Japanese Restaurant and The Fatty Bao are considered the best.

2. Best sushi restaurants in Delhi

Living in the capital and looking for the best sushi in Delhi? Firstly, you can go to Megu restaurant as it is a well-established restaurant in Delhi with a luxurious ambience and mouth-watering food items. You can try Scottish Salmon steak, Spicy Alaskan king crab, Akami, Dragon roll here.

Megu, Delhi
Megu, Delhi

Address – Chanakyapuri, The Leela Palace, Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi

Cost for two (Approx) – 5,000

This is a Japanese theme-based restaurant where you can enjoy sushi, ramen and other Japanese dishes along with a typical Japanese ambience. This restaurant is also known for friendly staff and outstanding decor. You can try Prawn Tempura roll, spicy tuna roll, rainbow roll, Nigiri plate, Sio Ramen here.

Fuji Japanese restaurant
 Fuji Japanese restaurant, Delhi
Fuji Japanese restaurant, Delhi

Address – Speedbird House, Middle Cir, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Cost for two ( Approx) – 3,000

There are also other options available in Delhi, but these two are renowned and loved by sushi lovers.

3. Best Sushi places in Bangalore

If you are looking for the best sushi in Bangalore, You can try Harima Japanese restaurant as they are renowned in the city for being the best Sushi place in Bangalore. You can try Tekka Maki, Salmon Maki, and Maki Sushi.

Harima Japanese restaurant
Sushi places in Bangalore
Harima Restaurant

Address – Residency Road, Devatha Plaza, 4th floor, Bangalore.

Cost for two (Approx) – 2,500 Rs.

Second, on the list is Oko- The Lalit Ashok Bangalore. This restaurant serves authentic Sushi in the town and has a reputation in the market. Not only do they serve mouth-watering dishes but also the rooftop ambiance is picture-perfect. You can enjoy the best Sushi in Bangalore here. You can try the Sushi platter and seafood soup here.

Oko- The Lalit Ashok
Oko, Lalit Ashoke, Delhi
Oko, Lalit Ashoke, Delhi

Address – Kumara Krupa Road, Highgrounds, Seshadripuram, Bangalore.

Cost for two ( Approx) – 3,000 Rs

Bangalore is famous for having exotic restaurants. Though there are many more on the list, Oko- The Lalit Ashok and Harima Japanese restaurant are renowned to serve the best Sushi in Bangalore.

4. Best Sushi place in Mumbai

Looking for the best Sushi place in Mumbai for having a bite of the best Sushi in town? The city of dreams is also famous for having restaurants with mouth-watering dishes. You can go to Kofuku Japanese restaurant for having a bite of the best Sushi in Mumbai. They not only serve delicious food but their presentation is something special for what you should go for a visit. You can try Ebi Tempura, Tofu Steak, Maguro Sushi, Ikura Sushi, and Sashimi Moriwase.

Kofuku Japanese restaurant
Kofuku, Mumbai
Kofuku, Mumbai

Address – Suburbia Mall, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai.

Cost for two (Approx) – 2,500 Rs.

The second on the list where you don’t have to think about the safety and relish the best Sushi in Mumbai without any stress is Foo. This restaurant has a perfect combination of delicious food and a spectacular ambiance. You can have a bite of the best Sushi in Mumbai without being stressed about your health as they have experienced chefs to take care of that. You can try Crab Shshi, Chicken Shumai, bloody Mary, and Foo Wild Salmon Uramaki there.

Foo, Mumbai
Foo, Mumbai

Address – Festival Square, Phoenix Mill Compound, Phoenix Mall, Lower Parel West, Mumbai.

Cost for two ( Approx) – 2,500 Rs.

Mumbai is famous for foodie people. They have many options available for Sushi lovers too. In foodie people’s suggestion, Kofuku Japanese restaurant, and Foo serve the best Sushi in Mumbai.

5. Best Sushi in Hyderabad

This city in south India also comes with some exotic Japanese restaurants that serve mouth warming Sushi items. To grab the best Sushi in Hyderabad, your first choice is Haiku. This restaurant serves pan Asian cuisine in an elegant ambiance. This restaurant also serves one of the best Sushi in Hyderabad. You can try Salmon Sashimi, Ebi Tempura Maki, and veg Sushi platter here.

Haiku, Hydrabad
Haiku, Hydrabad

Address – Banjara Hills, opposite black gold cars, Road Number 12, Hyderabad.

Cost for two – 2,000 Rs.

Second on the list is Hashi, where you can get the best Sushi in Hyderabad. With a calming ambiance and delicious food, this is the Sushi place in Hyderabad that you can relish. You can try Ebi Tempura Maki, Maki roll, and Unagi here.

Hashi, Hydrabad
Hashi, Hydrabad

Address – Jubilee Hills, Road Number – 11, Hyderabad.

Cost for two ( Approx) – 1,500 Rs.

Though Hyderabad has also so many options available for Sushi lovers, Hashi and Haiku are considered the best Sushi place in the town where you can enjoy delicious Sushi without any tension.

Sushi is very delicious and it will give a treat to your taste buds. If you want to know everything about Sushi before tasting one, click here.

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