Momo types that you should try once. Don’t miss number 5.


Momos and food lovers, the never-ending love story. Momo belongs to Nepal, but now it is loved by foodies across the globe. Momos are famous for their pure taste. Are you a true momo lover, and tired of regular steam momos? Here is a list of the top 10 best mo across the globe that you should try once, and then decide, what is the best momo according to you? They are offbeat momos you would love to take a bite again and again.

1. Fried momo

Fried momo
Fried momo

The popularity of fried momos is increasing across the globe. Because of its crispy and juicy taste, people, especially the youngsters, love it. You just have to prepare any kind of momos and steam them for around 10 minutes. After steaming, just deep fry them in oil. It is easy and simple.

2. Pan fried momo

Pan fried momo
Pan fried momo

It is like a revolution for momo lovers. If you haven’t tried them yet, you should whenever you get a chance. The methodology is also very easy. Just steam the momo you love and roast them in a pan with chilli garlic sauce, onions, and fresh green chillies ( just for those who want to make it spicy). Serve them hot and relish the unbeatable taste. It is becoming more and more famous each day and people are considering them the best type of momos. It has a juicy, spicy, and crispy texture and even if you are not a momo lover, you should try them for once. Many people consider this the best momo variety.

3. Malai momo ( Afghani momo)

Malai momo
Malai momo

Indian and Afghani dishes have a special love for malai and most probably this is the reason they have given a twist to regular steam momos. It is easy to make.

  •  Fry the momo you love after steaming for around 10 minutes.
  •  make the malai with yoghurt, fresh cream, Kasuri methi, garam masala, salt, coriander powder, and paper. Mix them in a bowl. You can add a little bit of mayo to lift the taste.
  • Stir that mixture with mustard oil and add onions( spring onions) and capsicum with them.
  • Serve hot and relish the unique taste.
  • You can also barbeque these momos

4. Tandoori momo

Tandoori momo
Tandoori momo

It is an Indian twist of the momos and is getting famous. You just have to deep fry the momos and grill them in a tandoor. Serve hot with hot garlic chutney.

5. Butter Chicken momo

Butter chicken momo
Butter chicken momo

Another fusion comes from India that has stolen the hearts of chicken lovers and momo lovers both. For making this, you have to deep fry the momo and roast them with the famous butter- tomato puree. This offbeat momo is getting famous in India for valid reasons. To make butter chicken momos

  • Create the momos and deep fry them after steaming for around 10 minutes.
  • Add butter, tomatoes ( boiled), cloves, chillies, cumin seeds, Kashmiri red chilli powder, to a pan and saute them for around 10-15 minutes.
  •  Switch off the gas and let it cool.
  • Remove the cloves and put that in a grinder and create the paste.
  • After that, put that in a pan and add salt, garam masala.
  • Stir it and add the momos in that and turn off the gas.
  • Add Kasuri methi and Fresh cream in the last part to lift the taste.
  • Enjoy hot.

6. Cheese momos

Cheese momo
Cheese momo

The Cheese is a popular food ingredient and most people love cheese, especially when it is mozzarella. These cheese momos are usually made with mozzarella cheese. You just have to add mozzarella cheese with the stuffing and mix well and then steam it for around 10 minutes and shallow fry it. In this case, usually, the momos are not deep-fried. It is the perfect snack for cheese lovers. Though this is an offbeat momo yet, it is becoming popular over the days.

7. Open momos

Open momos
Open momos

It is not extraordinary in taste but obviously, it is extraordinary by the presentation. To be very honest, it takes too much concentration to make these momos. To make these momos, you just have to let the upper side open and put it in the steamer like that. It is a little bit tricky to give the momos the look you want, but after 5 or 6, you will surely get it. These types of momos are usually steam momos as if you try to fry them, the stuffing can come out because of the open space. Open momos come in different shapes and designs. The flower design is the most common one.

8. Fish momos

Fish Momo
Fish Momo

Whenever it comes to momos, we know there are two types of stuffing. One is veg stuffing where you have to use vegetables and the second one where you have to fill your momos with chicken stuffing. Have you ever tried fish momos? Yes, you can stuff your momo with fish and relish the different tastes. It is the best offbeat momo that you can make. You can use the fish you love but make sure to remove the bones. Bhetki ( Barramundi or seabass) is the ideal fish for this as they don’t have bones except for the spinal cord. You just have to smash the fish and add spices ( Onion, ginger garlic paste, salt) with that to prepare the stuffing. You can both steam or fry it.

9. Jhol momo

Jhol Momo
Jhol Momo

The Jhol momo is an offbeat momo that is a little underrated. It has a different taste and flavour and if you are a momo lover, you should try this at least once. To make jhol momo-

make the momos you love.

  • Put tomato, garlic, cumin, and sesame seeds in the pan and roast them.
  • Set them aside after roasting and put some oil in the pan.
  • Saute some fenugreek seeds, onions, and paper into the pan, and then add the tomatoes, garlic, cumin, sesame seeds, green chillies, and some lemon juice.
  • Boil the mixture and let it be cool.
  • make the paste in a grinder and add water with it to make the Jhol.
  • Serve in a bowl and add the dumplings.

10. green momo

Green momo

This time, you don’t have to do anything with the stuffing, but you have to twist the dough. For making green momos, have some spinach leaves, boil them and make a paste by using the grinder. make the dough using the paste with it. The dough will be green and it will look extraordinary. Fill with your favourite stuffing and set them into the steamer.

These were the basic varieties of momos across the world that you should try once.  Once upon a time, making momo at home was so hazardous but now, the kitchen-friendly momo steamer solved the problem. If you are having trouble making momos at home, you can get the momo maker and try whatever you want. Check the product on Amazon.

Have I skipped anything that you have tasted? Let me know in the comment section.

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