Unique Janmashtami bhog at my house

Janmashtami is a Hindu festival celebrated worldwide. I, being a Hindu by birth, also celebrate this festival at home. On this day, according to the epic, Lord Krishna took birth as a human on earth. Like every year, this year we also celebrated that festival, but this year the preparations were different.

Why Janmashtami is celebrated?

According to the epic, on this day, Lord Vishnu’s eighth avatar took birth on Earth as Lord Krishna in King Kangsha’s prison in Mathura. It is also called Gokul Ashtami. This festival is celebrated by Hindu devotees worldwide. Dahi handi and other festivals also take place to celebrate this day. It is celebrated at a large scale in Mathura, Brindaban, Gokul, Mayapur and other parts of the world.

How Janmashtami is usually celebrated among Hindus?

Not only in Temples but this festival is also celebrated in every Hindu house. The main ritual includes Puja and Bhog. Some people pray in front of Gopal ( Child period of Lord Krishna) and some people pray in front of Krishna. Bhog of Janmashtami does not include any meat or fish as on this day people cook vegetarian dishes and eat the same. Usually, the bhog includes luchi, kachori, khichri, kheer, ghewar, malpoa, laddu etc. It depends on in which state it is celebrated. For example, the bhog made in a house in Rajasthan or Gujrat will be different from the bhog made in a house of Bengal or the Southern part of India.

So, here is the main part of the blog. From the very first paragraph, I have been saying that in my house, something different was arranged this year. It was my mother’s idea but we all loved it. After posting the photos on social media, it went viral. It were the Bhog and the decorations different from usual celebration.

Why the janmashtami celebration was unique in our house?

My mother thought differently. She wanted to celebrate the birthday of Lord Krishna just like she celebrate her child’s ( me, obviously) birthday. Usually this day is celebrated by devotees by arranging puja but this year, we celebrated this day as it was a birthday of our family member who is a kid. I always tie rakhi on Krishna’s hand and give him “Bhai phota ( as I am a Bengali, it is celebrated as Bhai-dooj in other parts of the country), I can say he is my brother. Not only me but many Hindu girls consider him as a brother who will stand by them in every situation. My mother said, he is my brother, so why don’t this year we celebrate birthday of him as a part of our family? I am sure that he also loved that.

Let me mention that, we did not skip the puja, we arranged that also and after puja, we arranged the birthday celebration of Lord Krishna.

What was the unique Janmashtami bhog in my house?

 The bhog was the main attraction of this celebration. My mother arranged a birthday cake, candies, gems, cadbury, pastry, ice creams and all those things that a child would love.  We also put a candle on the cake and cut the cake as if Lord Krishna cut it by himself. I, as a sister blown the candle. In our unique janmashtami bhog, we also included cheese corn pizza ( fully vegetarian) which is my favourite and I believe that he would also love it.

Janmashtami Bhog
Janmashtami Bhog

What was the unique Janmashtami decoration in my house?

Well, this year, we decorated our house with birthday decors. We inflated the balloons together and decorated the whole house with them. Besides that, in our unique Janmashtami decoration, we set up lights of different colours and other things that are used to decorate the house when it is the birthday of someone special. We woke up early in the morning and got ready like there is the birthday of our family member. We have also bought new clothes for our Krishna Murti and helped him to get ready.

Janmashtami Decoration
Janmashtami Decoration


With due respect to all, I state that everyone has their own beliefs and way to praise God. We believe that Lord Krishna is a member of our family and that’s why we arranged this day like that. You can share your thoughts on this in the comment section and let me know your opinion on this.

At last, Happy Birthday to Lord Krishna.

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