Food rich in protein for vegetarians

Food rich in protein for vegetarians

Food items that are rich in protein is one of the most essential nutrients that a body needs. In short, it is the main element that builds our body. Many people have the misconception that vegetarian people don’t intake enough of this as animal protein like meat, fish or seafood is missing from their diet. Let’s discuss how a vegetarian can consume enough protein from their diet.

Key points

  1. Importance of protein in our body
  2. How much protein does our body needs
  3. Protein diet for vegetarians
  4. Protein-rich food suggestions for vegetarians.
  5. Ending words
Protein for vegetarians
Protein for vegetarians

1. Importance of protein in our body

• Growth

It is one of the main elements that build the cells and create their structures. Cell structures are responsible for our growth. Not only cells but it helps to build tissues, organs and thus it helps a human body to grow perfectly.

•. Helps our body to work properly

Enzymes are behind our wellness as well as illness as they cause important biochemical reactions in our body such as digestion, production of energy, normalize blood flow as well as blood clotting etc. Our body lacks enzymes, the whole process will fall. These enzymes are some kinds of proteins.

• Antibody

Some proteins such as immunoglobulin G work as antibodies that help us to fight unfamiliar bacterias and viruses. They also boost our natural immunity system.

• Works as a messenger.

Our body has messengers that carry signals so our body can react properly in different situations. Some of them are hormones that are created with protein such as growth hormone. These can be peptides, steroids and Amines.

• Your structure

Your skin, hair and body structure is related to proteins like Keratin, Collagen etc.

• Balances the fluid in the body

Proteins like Albumin and globulin balance the fluid balance of your body. Lack of these proteins will cause a lack of blood in your blood vessels.

• Energy

Protein is an energy source with crucial nutrition that your body needs. Though carbs and fats are better at providing you with instant energy, protein also has an important role here.

2. How much protein does a human body need?

The need of the body can defer in different ages. According to the dietary reference intake report, an adult should intake 0.8 grams of protein for each kilogram of weight. Usually, an adult man can consume something between 55-60 grams and women can consume.

Protein need of body
Protein need of body

 between 45-60 grams. 10% to 30% of protein one has to consume from the diet.

This calculation can change under some circumstances. For example, during illness, pregnancy, breastfeeding and menstrual period, a person’s body needs more foods rich in protein. During these times, the body can lack balance.

3. Protein diet for vegetarians

As animal protein is a great source to fill up the space that is created in our body, vegetarians should be more careful about their diet. They can consume different types of cereals, pulses and animal foods (milk, yoghurt etc) to meet the needs of their body. It is important to make a proper diet that includes high-quality nutrition so that your body can work properly. The diet can include lentils, green vegetables, animal products etc.

 Protein intakes that have amino acids can be considered high quality, on the other hand, protein intakes such as gelatin are considered low quality as they neither help to meet your daily protein needs nor can help your growth.

Food rich in protein for vegetarians: Suggestions

Vegetarian protein food
Vegetarian protein food
1. Lentils

It is one of the most strong sources of protein for people who are vegetarians as each cup of them can contain 12-18grms of protein. Besides that, it also has antioxidants and fibers that are also needed for wellbeing.

2. Beans

After lentils, the next in the row is beans as they also include a high amount of protein with essential amino acids. Black beans, chickens or kidney beans can be a good source. They also help to reduce bad cholesterol from the body. You can have them in curries or salads.

3. Nuts

They are such saviours as they can boost the nutrition of your veg diet including important high-quality protein, fibre and vitamins. You can easily have them in your daily diet. Almonds, cashew nuts. 20 almonds per day can provide you with 6 grams of your essential protein needs.

4. Green peas

A great source of protein that can be eaten as salads, burgers and other different ways. Each cup of green peas can give you high-quality vitamins, minerals and fibre besides 9g protein.

5. Oats

Time for calling a superfood. It is one of the tastiest and healthiest alternatives for vegetarians. Oats are not only full of protein but it is full of fiber and high-quality other nutrition. It is also good for your heart health. You can try interesting recipes with oats. Though fruits are comparatively poor in protein, adding fruits to your bowl of oats can lift its value.

6. Seitan

As vegetarians don’t consume meat, wheat meat can be a good alternative source of protein. 100grams of it consumes nearly 25 grams of protein. It is not only healthy but also have an impressive taste.

7. Yeasts

Yes, you read it right, some nutritional yeasts are usually used to lift the taste of different dishes like your French fries, pasta or lasagne. They are an example of pure plant protein which is 14g per 28g. They are also a great source of fibre and important vitamins.

Ending words

Proper diet is not only important for your body but it is also important for your mental health. Enough amount of protein indicates that you’re having enough of what your body needs. Vegetarians also have a proper and healthy diet that can fulfil all their needs. It is just important to know the food items better and choose your diet carefully.

Though there are also some healthy options available, eating a lot of fast foods can also break your diet flow.

Eat what you want, twist them with interesting recipes and enjoy your foods rich in protein with the goodness of other nutrients and vitamins.

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