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We have created this India-based food blogging website to answer all your food quarries on a single platform. Whether you have questions about Kitchen appliances, Restaurants, Health issues related to daily food habits or you are just interested in the unique foods around the world, we are at your service to answer your quarries with our high quality, readable content. Hope you enjoyed visiting our site as much we enjoy offering you our readings and knowledge.

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Hello! I am Sapnapriya, a journalist and a professional content writer and obviously, a foodie. I’m in this writing industry for quite a long time. I have noticed that people, especially those who are active online are keen to know about food facts other than anything. They are curiosities and questions about food items, restaurants, kitchen arrangements and the relationship between health and kitchen. So, I decided to create a platform that includes all of them together.

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Hello! Soumik here. Again, a journalist and serviceman and also a video and graphics specialist. I’ve spent my years understanding the world of the internet and how to grow with this market. I’m extremely happy to join you through this platform.

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We have got the support of dgihike to make our content information-rich so that we can provide you with quality content and amaze you with amazing facts and information.

We are happy that you are enjoying our contents and wanted to know about us.

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