Food rich in fiber should be also included in your diet. Fiber is an important element that helps us to be healthy.  Key points Benefits of fiber How much fiber does our body need foods rich in fiber What will happen if we lack fiber Ending words Dietary fiber doesn’t break in our digestive system,Continue reading “FOOD RICH IN FIBER: ITEMS YOU SHOULD EAT”

Foods for vitamin D: Items you should include in diet

Foods for vitamin D are also needed for our growth and well being. It is important for our cells and bones and has several functions in our body. Key points Why our body needs vitamin D What can happen from lack of vitamin D Food items that can meet the need of vitamin D inContinue reading “Foods for vitamin D: Items you should include in diet”

Diet for Diabetes: Complete food guide

Diet for Diabetes is a matter of concern as the wrong diet can worsen your situation and make you sick. You must have a diet that is full of vitamins, minerals and protein contents that your body needs while taking care of your blood sugar level. Key points What is Diabetes How is diabetes connectedContinue reading “Diet for Diabetes: Complete food guide”

depression causes by having unhealthy or imbalanced diet

Depression causes by having unhealthy and imbalanced and diet, but sometimes people avoid this chapter while taking care of mental wellness. Because of this thin string, we have to know the connection indepth. Key points What is depression It’s symptoms What causes depression How it is linked with diet Foods to eat for mental wellnessContinue reading “depression causes by having unhealthy or imbalanced diet”

Fast food facts and its effects on mental health

Fast food is popular throughout the world, especially in first world countries. It is natural that people don’t get enough time between busy schedules, so it is the answer. What is exactly fast-food? Food items that can be prepared quickly and taste good are considered in quick foods. You can get it from roadside foodContinue reading “Fast food facts and its effects on mental health”

Sweet ginger candies: the best way to eat ginger

Sweet ginger candies are the best way to eat ginger. Ginger has a lot of benefits for the human body, but sometimes, it becomes difficult to consume this daily without ruining its nutrition values. before going to the recipe and other things, let’s have a look at the health benefits of ginger. Health Benefits ofContinue reading “Sweet ginger candies: the best way to eat ginger”

Lemon and honey water for losing weight

Lemon is an ingredient that usually people have in their kitchen but not everyone knows that this is the key to a fit body and glowing skin. Same is with honey. In this article, we would only talk about how lemon and honey can help you to lose weight and give you a perfect body.Continue reading “Lemon and honey water for losing weight”

Pregnancy food cravings

Pregnancy food cravings are very common. Pregnancy is like a roller coaster ride of emotions and women feel different kinds of cravings during this time. It is important to know what ingredients should be in your kitchen during this time and what ingredients should not be there. Let’s discuss. Pregnancy cravings: Reasons A woman’s bodyContinue reading “Pregnancy food cravings”

Coffee effects on human body : Facts you should know

Coffee effects are still unknown to most people who relish the taste of coffee. They don’t know about the negative and positive effects of this drink on the human body. Though it is the most loved drink in the world, like any other thing it also has pros and cons. Do you ever think aboutContinue reading “Coffee effects on human body : Facts you should know”